Statement of inclusion.

Womb Gaia therapy recognises the multifaceted-ness of being human, our metaphysical and physical realities. The feminine and masculine are archetypal energies that exist within us and throughout the cosmos. I respect the wholeness and diversity of women and that all genders hold the feminine within. I have been involved in decolonising work and education. A decolonial praxis is based on pluriversality: a world where many worlds fit. The current gender debate however, is very divisive and polarised.

Womb Gaia healing arts is dedicated to supporting women who spend their lives in fluid states; bleeding, being pregnant, lactating, transitioning through hormones, recovering from pregnancy loss and who have experienced some degree of oppression or harm because of their sex. The female body has been despised and controlled for centuries, erasing women's biological realities or language reinstates this legacy of control and shame. The current practice of defying biology with drugs and surgery does not tally up with the cultural legacy of hijra and trans gender women. As a desi, woman of colour, I support a re-indigenisation of gender fluid, third gender and trans expression so that women whether biological or spiritual can be respected for their unique contribution. Traditionally trans women enabled embodied females in their fertility, childbirth and marriages journey's. This was reciprocated where women and families sought out the blessing from hijra women. Hijra women were respected for their intense feminine spiritual devotion and biological women were respected for their life giving power.

Since womb Gaia healing arts is focused on healing the wounded feminine in the female body, I use and refer to the word woman primarily and first most.  This languaging will help restore self -esteem, body image, self-love and gender identity as part of a recovery process. It is important to allow women to speak in terms of reference that help locate their biological experiences in meaningful ways, to heal the hurts that relate to their sex and build their identity after trauma.

For this reason I create therapeutic circles for women to express their embodied experiences through words that they choose. In healing work, some circles can be accessed by everyone and some need to be gender or sex specific. Boundaries help protect everyone's vulnerabilities and inclusivity means that there can be different spaces to help reduce conflict and confusion. 

As a trauma informed method, womb gaia therapy  draws upon pre- colonial wisdom regarding the sacredness of biology. Biology is centred not in a reductionist or essentialist way but as a means to achieve "heavenly embodiment". This philosophy helps victims and survivors find a home in their body again. Sacred biological wisdom paradigms will not resonate with everyone but they can be consoling for women integrating their body trauma. As a healing method, it help restore coherence and belonging when sexual harm or reproductive loss shatters body image, self- esteem and gender identity. This is a psychologically delicate and vulnerable place to be in. For this reason,  I hold circles of belonging and inclusion geared to the needs of female bodied women.