About me: Sophia Ayesha Ansari


My Story

I am a mother (to 3 grown up children), a radical dreamer and devotional Sufi. My outlook and conviction developed from finding gold in the challenges of PCOS, mothering, prolapse, pregnancy loss and currently peri-menopause. I am grateful to the wise women/men and healers that I learnt from, honouring lineages of transmission. Ancestrally I am second generation Indian diaspora also of French Spanish heritage, brought up in rural Wales in a home filled with stories that opened my heart. I passed my days in the Welsh countryside where my little soul was imbued with hiraeth.

I am the founder of womb gaia healing arts, it is the culmination of 25 years of my experience, research and education in women's health and wellbeing.  

My core training is in yoga teaching (BWY), psychotherapeutic counselling (WPI), Ayurvedic counselling, lifestyle & massage therapy (EVIS) and polyvagal-informed restorative psychotherapy for trauma (Amber gray),.

I have further training in pregnancy, birth & postnatal massage (Suzanne Yates-Well mother), well woman & perinatal yoga therapy (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli-Sitaram partnership), baby yoga & infant massage (birthlight), Thai yoga massage (Kira Balaskas), mindful self compassion (Chris Germer), authentic movement (Ingrid Baart), women's Qi gong (Daisy Lee), rebozo bodywork (Sophie Messager) and Mizan therapy (Bushra Finch). 

As a younger woman, after the birth of my first child, I engaged in a herbal medicine apprenticeship for one year,. I also studied history at the SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies), my masters dissertation focused on colonial attitudes towards Feminine indigenous ways of knowing. I continue to research and write. See here for a published paper. 

I have fond memories of teaching over the span of 19 years: antenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, birth preparation, baby yoga and massage classes in my local community  (Cardiff, South Wales). I also worked with a local charity to deliver community yoga therapy to female survivors of gender violence and human trafficking. For the past 15 years I have been in private practice, I now focus on womb Gaia healing offerings, therapy and education

Professional membership and commitment.

I receive regular supervision with a senior body psychotherapist and engage in peer supervision. I have professional insurance with Balens. I am a member of the body psychotherapy network.

I attend to my own self -care and healing by taking regular breaks and retreats.

I am a member of the Independent Practitioners Network, which means that I engage in an intensive process of self- evaluation and peer accountability. The IPN is a democratic, non- hierarchal professional body. For more info see. https://ipnetwork.org.uk/.   

I am a member of the yoga therapy collective, an emerging professional body who are seeking to prioritize values rather than profit and a 'yogic' way of support, accountability and practice in the profession.